21 de agosto de 2009

PCI Wireless Card Realtek 8185 weak signal

The default module to PCI Wireless Card Realtek 8185 has weak signal, something between 5% to 15%, on Ubuntu 9.04 kernel 2.6.28 .

On Mandriva this network device work very well, don't need to worry !

Nevertheless we can solve this problem installing the modeule from Realtek to this device.

The steps are easy:

  1. Download driver from Realtek .
  2. Unzip the file .
  3. Inside the file do make and make install, then reboot
  4. This is a very dirt step, you must install libssl-dev. Try a cable connection to Internet.
  5. unzip wpa_supplicant-0.5.5.zip
  6. cp defconfig .config
  7. make and cp wpa_cli wpa_supplicant /usr/local/bin
  8. reboot and let the job for the networkmanager


David said...

I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 ant tried to compile the realtek driver.
First i've got the following error:
/home/david/Downloads/rtl8185_linux_26.1031.1207.2009.release/rtl8185/r8180_core.c:2065: error: implicit declaration of function ‘rdtsc_rtl’

and the driver don't compile.

So i opened the file r8180_core.c and go to line 2065 and comment the line (just putting "//" before it) and try again.

Everything worked fine after that.

Jacen said...


That "hack" worked for me in Mandriva 2010 Spring :D

jonaternet said...

Hi, I had the good surprise to see that it seems fixed now in ubuntu 12.04, as I mentioned here : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/290325 I suppose it is due to the new kernel ? I didn't find anything regarding this in ubuntu or linux recent changelogs. Probably another module on which this one depends got improved.